Election posters ‘blot on landscape’ says Bradley

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Election posters have been branded ‘a blot on the landscape’ by East Londonderry DUP candidate Maurice Bradley.

The former Coleraine Mayor claims that the increasing number of posters being erected across the area, are posing a danger to both motorists and livestock.

He said: “While travelling through Limavady at the weekend I was amazed at the number of posters which have already been erected. Unfortunately, Coleraine is becoming just as bad. As well as being unsightly, they are a potential traffic hazard, particularly at roundabouts, where most of them have been put up.

“If they are blown off they could encroach on a driver’s line of sight.

“I will be putting up posters, but not until the week before the elections. On the day of the election, as soon as polls are closed, I will be taking them down. They are a blot on the landscape. I believe that candidates should be well enough known for their track record in politics.”