Election turnout in Foyle and East Londonderry confirmed

The foyer at the Foyle Arena on Friday morning.
The foyer at the Foyle Arena on Friday morning.

It has now been confirmed that the turnout for the Assembly election in Foyle was 65 per cent, while in East Londonderry it has also risen to 62.69 per cent.

In Londonderry the turnout has risen significantly from the last Assembly election in May 2016 when 56 per cent of those eligible turned out.

The total number of people who voted in Londonderry was 45,317 out of 69,718 eligible to vote.

However the number of people registered to vote in Foyle this time round was over 2,000 less than last year.

In East Londonderry, the rise in turnout was even more dramatic, rising from 50.79 per cent last year - a jump of almost 12%.

Last year the eligible electorate in East Londonderry was 68,600, whereas this year it stood at 67,392.

The total votes cast in the constituency on Thursday was 42,248.