Elijah RBP Preceptory 99 banner unfurling

The platform party pictured with the new Banner of Elijah RBP 99
The platform party pictured with the new Banner of Elijah RBP 99

MEMBERS of Elijah RBP Preceptory 99 held a banner unveiling ceremony in Coleraine Showgrounds.

The banner was unveiled by Sir Knights Joseph Cochrane and Derek McAfee from Elijah RBP 99.

The preceptory walked from the Orange Hall in Union Street to the Showgrounds. The welcome was delivered by Sir Knight John Rodgers RWM, Elijah RBP 99 followed by the chairman’s remarks from Rt Wor. Sir Knt.Ivan Kelly County Grand Master.

He said: “Firstly our thanks to Elijah RBP 99 for the invitation to us all to be present on this special occasion also for asking me to chair the proceedings this evening.

“I bring the greetings from Co Londonderry Grand Black Chapter in which this preceptory has played a major role over the years.

“This preceptory was founded in 1853 almost 160 years ago. Sir Knight John Liken being the first W.M. and became a member of the Grand Imperial Council in 1855.

“Over the years four Sir Knights of this preceptory held the postions of County Grandmaster, County Grand Registar and County Grand sword bearer.

“D.M Sir Knight Norman Rainey holds the position of County Sword bearer and attends Grand Council.”

Sir Knight Rodgers added: “As we congratuate Elijah RBP 99 in attaining this new banner and also look forward to seeing it in Portrush on Saturday, August 25 that each one of us will be able to say I stand for the bible teachings of the Royal Black Institution that I walk with Jesus day by day as we go forward together and as the Sir Knights follow this banner.”

The chairman’s remarks were followed by the hymn ‘O For A Closer Walk With God’, the prayer and dedicatory prayer was by Worshipful Sir Knight Rev Ian McClean Deputy Imperial Grand Chaplain.

The scripture reading was delivered Sir Knight Henry McCurdy Chaplain and Past Master of Elijah RBP 99.

The closing hymn was ‘What A friend We Have in Jesus’ followed with a vote of thanks by Sir Knight Norman Rainey Deputy Master of Elijah RBP 99, the national anthem and the benediction.