Elkin Memorial WLOL celebrate service milestones

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The members of Elkin Memorial WLOL 141 are celebrating many years of service to the Orange Order.

Maureen Todd (50 years) and Rosemary Neely (48 years) began their lodge service in Coleraine O’Hara WLOL 78 and transferred to Portrush WLOL 142 in 1972, founding a new lodge.

Other members of Portrush WLOL 141 shown in the photograph are celebrating their service to the Orange Order this year.

They are Suzanne Mc Cormick (Tyler) 45 years; Mary McMath (PM) 45 years; Katie Diamond (committee) 32 years; Rosemary Neely (DDM) 48 years; Linda Neely (DM) 11 years; Gladys Carson (PM) 44 years; Debbie Davis (WM) 10 years; Maureen Todd (PM) 50 years and Margaret Currie (Committee) 45 years.