Entrepreneurial experience for Loreto College first year students

ALL Year 8 students at Loreto College Coleraine took part in a workshop organised by Young Enterprise Northern Ireland recently.

Entitled “Your School, Your Business”, the workshop seeks to facilitate the transition from junior to senior school for the students, as well as fostering in them a sense of business and enterprise awareness. Young Enterprise Northern Ireland conducts seminars in the classroom that focus on skills the students will need to be successful in their new school – skills like communication and team work. These skills will also be invaluable to students who hope to enter an entrepreneurial career area later in life.

During the course of the workshop, the first year students were also given the opportunity to work with sixth form students – the senior students shared their expertise and experience with their junior counterparts, helping to teach them new skills as well as facilitating the familiarisation process for the junior students at their first term at Loreto College.

Karen Murphy, Young Enterprise Training Manager, commented, “Our aim is to make school as positive an experience as possible for these young people. The skills they learn now can be applied in any new experience, and will therefore help them prepare for success in their working life when the time comes.”