Entrepreneurs of the future at Loreto

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All Year 10 students at Loreto College Coleraine enjoyed a workshop entitled ‘Project Business’, facilitated by Young Enterprise Northern Ireland.

The workshop saw the students working in groups to act as though they were running a mini business for the day, considering the aptitudes, challenges and risks involved in setting up and running a company.

The students worked together to identify their own strengths and how these could be best deployed in a business situation. The workshop also gave them the opportunity to engage in teamwork, creative thinking and problem-solving.

Year 13 students acted as mentors and suppliers of raw materials for the business activity.

Gail Hamilton of Young Enterprise Northern Ireland, who led the workshops, commended the Loreto College students on their enthusiastic and positive participation.

Mrs Sinead McNicholl, Citizenship and Employability Co-ordinator at Loreto College explained that the workshop had been of great benefit to the students in showing how skills learned in school could be transferable to the world of work.

Principal, Mr James commended the students, Mrs McNicholl and leaders.