Arcadia walkway opens again to public after collapse

PART of the new £1.5 million pound East Strand redevelopment collapsed into the sea near the Arcadia last week.

Last Thursday, the walkway between the Arcadia and the East Strand car park was cordoned off to prevent pedestrians using the unstable pathway.

It is believed that a section of the steps were damaged in December by strong tides.

The damage was exacerbated, however, following strong winds and tides last Wednesday when Coleraine Borough Council was forced to close the walkway in the interest of public safety.

A spokesman for Coleraine Borough Council said: “On 13th of December strong tides damaged a section of steps between the Water Sports Centre and the Arcadia located at East Strand in Portrush.

“Working on behalf on Coleraine Borough Council, engineers acted quickly to assess the damage and took measures to close the steps for health and safety purposes.

“Unfortunately the situation had significantly deteriorated and spring tides over the last couple of days have caused substantial damage. As a result, the promenade between the Centre and Arcadia had closed to the public.

“Following consultation with engineers, Council can confirm that remedial action has taken place to stabilise the structure.

“Council can confirm the reopening of the promenade at 3pm on Friday 30th December; to facilitate trade and enable the safe passage of pedestrians. In the meantime, Council continues to consult with engineers in search of a more permanent solution. Further updates will be provided as soon as information is forthcoming.”

The redevelopment scheme was officially opened in July by Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland.