Council could soon provide new bus shelters in borough

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The new Causeway Coast and Glens Council could soon be providing new bus shelters around the borough.

The matter was discussed at last Tuesday’s Environmental Services Committee meeting of Causeway Coast and Glens Council when members were asked to decide if they wanted to continue to provide bus shelters and, if so, what guidelines would be used to prioritise applications.

Speaking at the meeting in Cloonavin, Coleraine, councillor George Duddy said he wanted to know what budget was available for bus shelters and asked: “Are we ever going to get to the stage where we have provided all new shelters that people require?

“Transport NI and Translink should be responsible, not this Council, but I also know that we have a number that we have to maintain.

“Also, given that we are now in control of Planning, it could be a condition that when a housing scheme is built, the developer provides a bus shelter.”

Council officer John Richardson told the members that the cost of maintenance was already £30,000 for the current stock of 52 shelters but added that the figure would increase significantly if Council was to provide shelters throughout the Borough.

He added that the cost of a new bus shelter can range from £1,500 to £70.000 depending on the specifications. It was agreed to defer a decision until members were given greater detail on budget.