Get the Metropole sorted - Alexander

Metropole Portrush. Pic Steven McAuley/Kevin McAuley Photography Multimedia
Metropole Portrush. Pic Steven McAuley/Kevin McAuley Photography Multimedia

A PORTRUSH councillor has called for action to sort out the Metropole site.

Cllr Christine Alexander said: “The number of complaints I am getting each week about this building is horrendous.”

“Quite apart from the structural condition of the building, I am worried about the security around it,” she told members of Coleraine Council’s Environment Committee on Tuesday night.

“If anything fell from that building, that fence wouldn’t save anyone.

“This is the third year we have had to look at a derelict building at the entrance to the town and the second year we had have to look at it in the state it’s in.

“It is having a detrimental impact on the town.”

She made a proposal that “immediate action” be taken to have the issue resolved.

Director of Environmental Services, Kieran Doherty said he be happy to progress the issue if that is what members wished.

However, Cllr Adrian McQuillan urged caution.

“We should take legal advice on this. It would be wiser so that it doesn’t lead to court case after court case,” he said.

“No one round this table would disagree that this building needs to be tumbled but we need to be cautious.”

Mr Doherty said that part of progressing the case of the Metrople would be to seek legal advice. “That is in-built into the process,” he told the members. Councillors agreed to proceed with Cllr Alexander’s proposal.