Join the Butterfly Safari on the North Coast

THIS summer, Coleraine Borough Council invites members of the public to take part in the Big Butterfly Count which runs until Sunday, July 21.

The ‘Big Butterfly Count’ is a nationwide survey which aims to assess the health and development of our local environment.

To coincide with the nationwide ‘Big Butterfly Count’, Council is hosting an event in The Moores, Castlerock on Thursday, July 28 between 2 and 4pm.

On arrival, participants will be given a Butterfly Chart to help count and record the butterflies they spot over a 15 minute period, during their safari experience.

Butterflies react very quickly to any change in their environment which makes them excellent biodiversity indicators. The count will assist in identifying trends in species, helping the Butterfly Conservation N.I. to protect butterflies from extinction, as well as understanding the effect of climate change on wildlife.

Rachel Bain, Biodiversity Officer for Coleraine, Ballymoney and Limavady Borough and District Councils, explained: “The Big Butterfly Count is a fantastic event which helps us to gain a deeper understanding of our local environment whilst also providing an opportunity for a fun, family day out on the North Coast. Butterfly safari events will also be taking place in both Ballymoney and Limavady Districts.”

For details on how to take part in this year’s ‘Big Butterfly Count’ log on to and come along to your local Butterfly Safari Event any time between 2–4pm next Thursday and join the safari.