Robinson leads opposition to ‘stinking’ sludge cake storage facility application

A DUP MLA has urged that anyone concerned about the sludge cake storage facility on the main Coleraine to Limavady Road should register their opposition with the planners as soon as possible.

Alderman George Robinson says he has been inundated with complaints from residents and commuters about the disgusting smell emanating from the site.

He said: “The stench is nauseating, even making people physically ill. This situation cannot go on and most certainly not on the permanent basis that the planning application currently being examined proposes.”

Mr Robinson added: “This site is in the middle of Binevenagh Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is totally spoiling the view which used to be enjoyed by visitors to our borough as is evidenced by the now abandoned picnic tables in the vicinity.

“It is not likely that anyone will wish to picnic when the stench and steam rising from the site make the area untenable for enjoyment of a spectacular view.

“The additional large vehicles entering and leaving the site are a source of concern as the likelihood of a serious accident increase with what is a very difficult entrance to the site.

“The muck that the vehicles bring out from the on their tyres leaves the road in a highly slippery condition when there is rain. This increases the dangers of skidding if a vehicle has to break quickly and a serious accident occurring. It must be remembered that this site is adjacent to a major, and very busy, commuter and tourist route.”

Mr Robinson said that there is also an issue of what is being washed off the road into the fields being a possible pollutant for water courses and water streams.

“I am aware of ponds and waterways in that area and would be concerned that they could be contaminated. This is totally unacceptable. The wildlife and water sources in this area are being jeopardised by this leachate”

“If anyone wishes to object to [the planning application] my office has a draft letter that can be printed out on request. Anyone wishing to write themselves can do so to: R. Flynn, Planning Officer, Planning & Local Government, Millennium House,17-25 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, BT2 7BN.”