Wind turbine application on hold

PLANNING applications for two separate wind turbines have been put on hold because their location falls withing a parachute drop zone.

At last Tuesday night’s Planning Committee meeting the Planners told councillors the applications for two 46-metre wind turbines by different applicants, to be situated on land near the Cullyramer Road and Movenis Road, fell within the 1200 metre drop zone used by the Wild Geese Parachute Centre, and had therefore been recommended for refusal.

“The situation of these two separate wind turbines is within the drop zone for the local parachute centre,” revealed Shaun Doherty of the Planning Service.

“This is a safety zone and if anything was to be erected withing this it would mean the centre would lose it’s licence.

“The proposals are also contrary to Policy RE 1 in that the development would, if permitted, have an unacceptable degree of visual intrusion by reason of the proposed scale of the turbine and its prominent location.”

Cllr Adrian McQuillan proposed the applications be taken to an office meeting at the start of February, which was agreed.