‘Eye of the Causeway’

A Coleraine man has been named as UTV’s Lesser Spotted Snapper for a stunning picture taken on the north coast.

Shane Simpson’s picture of ‘Eye of the Causeway, Portbradden’, was announced as the overall winner.

Presenter, Joe Mahon said: “When we launched the “Lesser Spotted Snapper” competition in the autumn of 2011 we really didn’t know what to expect. Two months and more than 6,000 photographs later, and we were simply overwhelmed.

“We discovered that the country is populated by thousands of extremely gifted amateur photographers who are able to combine technical skill, an eye for composition and a deep appreciation of the beauty and wonder of our Ulster landscapes. “Ultimately, of course, there’s a degree of subjectivity involved, and a different judging panel, no doubt, would have arrived at a different outcome, but we reached our final decisions with a minimum of bloodshed. Whatever else this competition has done, it has provided all of us who have watched the gallery of pictures accumulate online at u.tv over the past two months with an enormous amount of viewing pleasure, and it has given UTV this beautiful 2012 calendar.”

Michael Wilson, Managing Director UTV Television said: “Our Lesser Spotted Snapper competition was a great way for our viewers to share their favourite places with us. Our final 12 show unique and fascinating photographs taken all over Northern Ireland.

“Congratulations to our winner Shane Simpson with his superb image of ‘Eye of the Causeway’ and all our 11 finalists who feature in the 2012 UTV Corporate Calendar. The full gallery of more than 6,000 photographs remains online for your enjoyment at www.u.tv/snapper”