Fab Fridays at the Anchor!

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The consistently brilliant ‘Partners in Crime’ are back at the Anchor Complex this Friday night having won over more fans after their appearance at this year’s North West 200 Hospitality.

Brian Moore is also delighted to be back at the Portstewart venue after his exhausting six nights with the Race and enthuses: “Fridays are just terrific especially since they added the new cocktail menu.

“The number of ladies walking around with what looks like a basket of fruit in a glass is terrific and it has further enhanced the night”.

Friday nights at the Portstewart venue are also becoming a popular rendezvous for birthdays celebrations with the attraction of being able to have a meal and stay on the the party.

And with a band and a DJ over two rooms with no admission charge it’s not difficult to figure out why it’s the busiest Friday in the country.