Feel good and relax: get some therapies!

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The Honorable The Irish Society visited Millburn Community Office to present a cheque to Millburn Community Association.

Edward Montgomery handed over a cheque for £2,500 which will be used to run a health and well being project for residents of Millburn and Ballysally providing complimentary therapy treatments.

The treatments will be run from the Millburn Community Association Office and Focus on Family in Ballysally.

A range of treatments will be offered - and local residents are being encouraged to come forward and see what is on offer.

The therapies include Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Head, Face and Back Massage - all these therapies are known to ease stress and have many more health benefits

Billy Ellis the Community Development Worker for Millburn would like to thank Edward and The Honorable The Irish Society for supporting this new project which will have a massive impact on health and physical well being of residents from Millburn and Ballysally.

Many residents of the two Coleraine estates who will be accessing these therapies will have been on prescribed medication for long periods, and feel that conventional medicine has had limited impact on their illness,.

It’s hoped that these therapies can provide participants with a different approach to self healing.

Treatments can promotea wide range of health benefits such as reducing stress improving mobility and providing a therapeutic healing to enhance overall quality of life.

If any of the senior residents of Millburn or Ballysally would like to take up the offer of a particular therapy or would like to know more about the project please call Billy Ellis 07514815315 for details.

Get in touch and see what’s on offer!