Fitzpatrick: plastic bag levy reaps environmental rewards

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Coleraine Alliance Councillor Barney Fitzpatrick has welcomed news that plastic bag use in Northern Ireland has fallen by almost 72% since a 5p levy was introduced last year.

The announcement came from the Environment Minister who added the figure equated to a reduction of about 215 million bags.

Cllr. Fitzpatrick said the figures proved placing a levy on plastic bags had been the right decision for the environment.

“I am delighted at reports today, signalling the vast decrease in plastic bag use across the region.

“While some may have questioned the introduction of this levy, the results speak for themselves. Consumers across Northern Ireland have taken a large leap towards a more environmentally-friendly approach to everyday life.

“I’m glad that much of this money will be reinvested in environmental projects, with some available to support community projects.”