Five fire crews needed to rescue one horse in Co Antrim

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The Fire Service despatched three fire appliances and two specialist teams to rescue a trapped horse earlier this week.

A total of 30 firefighters including two officers assisted in the four-hour operation, which began at 1.44pm on January 2 on the Conogher Road outside Ballymoney.

The NIFRS said that the horse had been trapped in “three-four foot of water in a river with deep-sided banks.”

The animal was aided by two fire appliances from Ballymoney, one from Coleraine, a specialist rescue team for water access from Belfast and a large animal rescue team from Omagh who the NIFRS said are “trained in the rescue of large animals, specialist equimpment and manual handling techniques.”

A NIFRS spokesperson said: “Firefighters from the Large Animal Rescue Team and Specialist Rescue Team removed the horse from the water using straps and manual handling.

“The horse was assessed by the vet and returned to its owner.

“NIFRS has two Large Animal Rescue Teams – one based in Omagh and one in Newcastle.

“They attended incidents all over NI to help rescue large animals in distress.

“The firefighters have been trained in specialist animal rescue techniques and in working with large animals.”

The operation ended at 5.41pm.