Flag stolen in Articlave

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Police in Coleraine are appealing for information following another attack at a home in the Blakes Road area.

The incident was reported on Wednesday night when a flag was stolen and graffiti was sprayed on the house. On the same night graffiti was sprayed on business premises and a church in Abbey Street. Police are not linking the incidents at present.

Coleraine councillor Michelle McQuillan has condemned the incidents, describing the attack on the Articlave home as ‘disturbing.’

“This is the third attack on this home in as many years, and there have been over 20 attacks of a similar nature in the Coleraine area as well as two other properties in the centre of the town in the same night.

“I totally condemn this latest attack on a family home with the only reason, that of displaying the flag of their country. I have spoken to the family and they are very upset that this has happened again. The occupants were at home and in bed at the time of the attack. This is very disturbing for the them and for those living in this rural community. Anxieties within the Protestant community are very high and they are simply losing confidence in the police. I call upon the police to step up their investigations and for those with any influence to act, to see those responsible brought before the courts.”