Flags in Coleraine are ‘provocative’

DUP MLA  George Robinson
DUP MLA George Robinson

MLA George Robinson has expressed his disgust at the presence of what he describes as ‘foreign flags’ in Coleraine.

The East Londonderry representative said: “I was disgusted to observe gangs of young people with ladders covering the Heights area of Coleraine with foreign flags prior to St Patrick’s Day.

“This was a deliberate provocative action, especially when it was well known that here was to be a band parade in Coleraine on Thursday evening.

“It was a surprise to see a flag erected on a crane on a building site in the area, the height of which ensured that those who placed the flag had no regard for their own safety. This only highlighted how determined some people were to provoke trouble.

“It is a great pity that in an area where the population is mixed and generally gets on well - despite moves by a small group of republicans to create trouble - that a small number of thugs wish to try and create trouble.

“It will be interesting to see if the flags are removed with the same speed with which they were erected,” concluded Mr Robinson.