Flowerfield to host a BBC Audience Council discussion

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The BBC Audience Council is an advisory body of the BBC Trust which is the governing body of the BBC.

Its role is to ensure that the voice of the audience in Northern Ireland is at the heart of decision-making at the BBC. It provides advice to the Trust on local audiences’ interests and needs, and assesses how well the BBC is performing for audiences here.

To help inform this advice, the Council has an ongoing programme of informal discussions to directly engage with members of the public and hear their views and perspectives on BBC services.

The Council will host an informal discussion at the Flowerfield Centre on Friday, September 12, over lunchtime.

Participants will be invited to share their views on any BBC services of importance to them and the Council would be particularly interested in hearing audiences’ views about BBC network (i.e. UK-wide) radio services.

In conjunction with Flowefrfield the BBC Audience Council will send out invitations to a selected audience in the coming weeks.

Watch this space for more details.