Food Bank distributes 13,000 food packs locally

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IN July 2009 Vineyard Compassion opened the doors of the Sunday Food Giveaway, the first Food Bank of its kind in the Causeway area.

Since then, over 950 local households have received assistance and on-going support through the distribution of 13,700 emergency food packs. On average 40 households receive support each week, with new individuals and families being referred continually.

The project is operated by a team of dedicated local volunteers, who serve in a variety of roles from collecting donated food in the Vineyard Compassion van, to serving tea and coffee to people as they receive their food packs.

Vineyard Compassion have recently partnered with The Trussell Trust, which runs a network of over 280 food Banks throughout the UK.

Over the coming year, the Causeway Food Bank will create a wider range of options for people to access assistance by increasing the number of distribution centres throughout the Coleraine borough on various days of the week.

Some 230,000 people are expected to turn to Food Banks this year with food banks multiplying at a rate of three a week.

Recently Prime Minister David Cameron paid tribute to food bank volunteers decribing them as “part of what I call the Big Society”.

Vineyard Compassion would like to thank all the local businesses who donate food on an ongoing basis. Special thanks go to Roadside Garages who, for the second year, have kindly donated the use of a van that enables the collection of donated food.

Though this support, Roadside Garages plays a vital part in tackling food poverty in the local community.

For more information on Vineyard Compassion, their projects and how you could get involved or donate, please visit or call 0287032 6161 (ext 5).