Food waste talk for Social Care Fellowship

The Causeway Branch of the Health and Social Care Retirement Fellowship recently heard a talk on food economy by Mrs Liz Hamilton.

Liz explained that the amount of food waste thrown away for a family of three or four was £60 per week or £250 a year for a single person.

She asked the group to suggest what they thought were the most common wasteful products and the list included bread, vegetables, leftover meals, milk and fruit.

However Lis revealed that research showed that potatoes, milk and bread are the most common waste products in Northern Ireland.

She said that almost all products can be frozen including vegetables, potatoes when cooked, cream, raw eggs and yoghurts.

So if just a little time is taken to put leftover food into small containers and frozen to be used again that this would cut down waste by more than two thirds.

Mrs Meta Cochrane proposed a vote of thanks to Liz on behalf of members.