Football-mad kids getting stuck into the Match Attax cards craze

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They are scoring with hundreds of football-mad youngsters!

Match Attax, the world’s best-selling football trading card game, has caught the imagination of kids in school playgrounds across the borough.

To coincide with the start of a new Premier League football season, Topps Europe Ltd, launches a new edition of the game each year, which offers children a fun-filled way to keep pace with all the excitement taking place on the pitches.

Every Match Attax card features player star ratings and a range of statistics, so that collectors can rank them according to power, skill, passing, shooting, speed and tackling, as well as attack and defence.

Collections include Star Player and Star Signing foil cards, stat-boosted Man of the Match cards and 100 Club cards. In addition, fans can collect Tactic cards as well as referee cards.

Aimed at a target 8-12 age group of children, the cards also feature the very latest players’ photos, and each player card also features a player value, allowing collectors the chance to build their own £100million super-squad.

The values also act as an aid to help collectors trade cards fairly in the school playground.

The cards sell for £1 and one Coleraine newsagent told us: “We can’t keep them on the shelves.

“Kids are in all the time spending their pocket money - they can’t get enough of the cards.”