Free WiFi in Portrush: it’s child’s play say Borough Council

COMMISSIONED by Coleraine Borough Council, the Portrush WiFi project welcomes visitors to Portrush to experience free public WiFi which spreads from East to West Strand beaches; and areas in between.

The coverage also extends to the harbour area of the town as well as the promenade beside the Arcadia, creating the first WiFi beach in Northern Ireland, allowing surfers to surf the web when they come to shore.

The idea for WiFi extending to the beaches was put forward by Portrush Regeneration Group and the scheme is funded by the Department for Social Development and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. The two year pilot project will go live on 31stof July and will be reviewed after the first and second years.

One of the huge advantages offered to visitors in the area; is that they can now get on line through a welcoming user Experience Portal without incurring huge roaming charges or by using the 3G network on their phone.

Mayor of Coleraine, Councillor David Harding commented; “This is a major boost for Portrush, not only for members of the local community in Portrush, but also in terms of visitors.

“Technology is moving at a rapid rate and we must do our best to accommodate these changes.

“In order to surf the web when you arrive in Portrush, simply add your email address and your town of origin.

“This pilot scheme is a great step towards providing additional value when visiting the north coast”.

WiFi SPARK Ltd supply WiFi into ten other towns in Northern Ireland and was appointed in May 2013 as contractors to deliver the project.

There is a general restriction of 2MB per users and this, along with the amount of time permitted to access the web, might be reduced at times of peak demand.

Any member of the public having problems with access, please contact the WiFi SPARK Ltd helpdesk on 0844489555 or through their normal service provider.