Friend of laundrette murder victim Marion Millican 'relieved now that Fred McClenaghan can't come after me'

A close friend of murdered laundrette worker Marion Millican who was shot dead by Fred McClenaghan said she hopes he "rots in hell for what he did".

Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 3:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 6:00 pm

Pamela Henry, 59, who had been working with Mrs Millican in a Portstewart laundrette on March 11, 2011, said she felt "great relief at knowing I won't see him again and I was afraid he would come back for me".

She said she felt no sadness at his passing, which she learned about on social media, adding "it was a great relief".

Mr McClenaghan died on Sunday in the intensive care unit at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. He died less than a year after being handed a 13-year minimum sentence for the murder of his former girlfriend.

Pamela Henry

It is understood he died from natural causes.

"I was working with Marion that Friday morning it happened - and Friday is normally is a busy day in Portstewart, but that day there wasn't a sinner on the street," said Ms Henry.

"The boss had just left a few minutes and the next thing the door opened and there was Fred with the gun under his arm. I ran into the back of the shop and he trailed me out but I made it onto the street - and there wasn't even a sinner on the street.

"I never saw a gun like the one he had in all my life. It was a big shotgun and he had that in the boot of the car from Magherafelt to Portstewart. He said he had come to shoot himself in front of her.

Fred McClenaghan

"He put Marion's family through so much."

Mrs Henry said it took her "a long time to come to terms with what happened, but there is some closure now because we know he will not be walking the streets again".

"My fear was him out and coming to get me because he knows where I live as he used to come to my house looking for Marion," she added. "He was sick in the head and said if he wasn't getting her (Marion) then no one else would get her."

A death insertion for Fred McClenaghan said he died peacefully at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast on October 21.

Marian Millican

He is described as the much loved father of Danielle and Alan and son of Billy and Winnie.

His funeral will take place in Magherafelt Independent Methodist church tomorrow at 2pm.