Garvagh Park vandalised again

Adrian McQuillan DUP MLA
Adrian McQuillan DUP MLA

DUP MLA Adrian McQuillan says the community in Garvagh are ‘disgusted’ by the news that a number of trees have been broken at the Bridge Street park.

The park, on land owned by the TBF Thompson Trust, was erected as part of the Garvagh regeneration project last year.

“The people of this area are so proud of this park, which is on the corner of Main Street and Bridge Street, “ said the MLA.

“It is owned and maintained by the TBF Thompson Foundation.

“Unfortunately this is the second time vandals have broken trees.”

The MLA says that he will be speaking with community groups and members of the TBF Trust about the possibility of CCTV at the site.

“It angers me to think that people would destroy something that was built for the good of the whole community.

“These trees were not broken by children, it would have taken considerable force to damage them, I just don’t know what goes on in people’s minds.”

McQuillan went on: “The Park has really brightened up the area.

“Before it was built, the area was just rough ground, so many people have commented on how well it looks.”

The MLA said he has hopes that the park could be used in the near future to promote local produce.

“I think the area could be used to host a farmers’ market in, promoting local produce in a bid to attract shoppers to the town.”

The MLA has called on anyone with information on the crime to contact him or the Police.

He has also asked any local businesses who would be interested in providing sponsorship to replace the broken trees to get in contact with him.

Police in Coleraine have asked anyone with information to contact them via the 101 non emmergency number.