Garvagh wind farm plan

A REDUCED plan to site 15 instead of 20 wind turbines at land 750m south east of Dowlin’s Bridge, Drumbane Road, Garvagh, has been given the green light despite six objections from nearby residents.

Council’s monthly planning meeting overturned an amended proposal from independent MLA, Councillor David McClarty, to discuss the matter further with planners in order to find an accommodation for the applicant, TCI Renewable, Belfast, as well as local homeowners.

However, Garvagh representative Adrian McQuillan MLA, supported by Deputy Mayor, Councillor William King, proposed they approve the project as planners were recommending approval and objectors had managed to stall it since 1997.

“This is an area of the countryside which is ideal for wind turbines,” he said. “It will put money in the pockets of local quarry workers and has already been reduced in size by a quarter.”