Gauthier lines up for another unforgettable gig at Flowerfield

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Regarded as one of the finest songwriters of her generation, Mary Gauthier will need no introduction to her legions of fans across Northern Ireland. Flowerfield Arts Centre is delighted to welcome the legendary artist to its stage on Monday, May 11 – in the fine company of the great Ben Glover.

Gauthier has chalked up a selection of unforgettable songs in a career that has seen her universally lauded by critics and adored by fans all over the world.

Her previous six albums have received countless accolades – and when she was ready, she captured Live at Blue Rock at a concert at the Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio in Wimberley, Texas.

The songs of Louisiana native-turned-Nashville resident Gauthier (it’s French; pronounced Go-SHAY) have earned praise from Bob Dylan and Tom Waits, and been recorded by Jimmy Buffett, Blake Shelton, Boy George and many others.

Her stage repertoire contains renowned songs, such as ‘I Drink’, ‘Drag Queens in Limousines’ and ‘Karla Faye’ — which addresses the famous fate of that convicted killer, but starts out with lines that undoubtedly reference their author as well: ‘A little girl lost, her world full of pain. He said it feels good, she gave him her vein’.

It’s the outsiders with whom Gauthier has always identified most. They populate the album Live at Blue Rock, which also contains covers of three songs by fellow poet/philosopher (and recent “Tin Can Caravan” tour leader) Fred Eaglesmith, another master at illuminating the sympathetic sides of characters society is not used to regarding kindly, if at all.

Gauthier, a teen runaway who attended college in Louisiana and operated a Cajun restaurant in Boston before getting sober, long ago learned how to go with the flow. This tour brings her to Portstewart with a good friend – Ben Glover, a beautiful talent from Glenarm, now resident in Nashville and making a real name for himself as a writer and performer.

Tickets are priced at £18 online at or Flowerfield, by calling (028) 7083 1400.