Gemma meets Miranda and her gallopers!

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When Articlave woman Gemma Campbell saw a tweet about a fund raiser in London for Comic Relief, she had no hesitation in jumping on a flight.

Gemma (25), who played the lead role in Coleraine Provincial Players ‘Cinderella’, is a huge fan of comedian and actress Amanda Hart.

She regularly communicates with other Miranda fans, known as ‘Miranda’s gallopers’ through twitter.

“I saw a tweet about the fund raiser, a ‘gallopathon’ arranged by other Miranda fans at Hampstead Heath, an athletics ground in London, and I knew I just had to go.

“It was billed as a small event, but around a hundred turned up.

“There was some talk that Miranda might actually be there, we didn’t know for certain, but I was delighted to actually meet her.”

Pint sized Gemma said that Miranda commented on her height when they were posing for a photograph.

“We were all getting our photo taken with Miranda, and we got talking.

She said to me ‘you and I are a double act waiting to happen’.

“She referred to her co-star who plays Stevie, saying that she thought I was smaller than her.”

Gemma went on: “As a team we set up a sponsorship page. There are over 50 of us in the group.

“We aimed to raise £10,000, but we are well over that now with £11,400.

“I managed to raise £100, but I still have more money to come in.

“I was a little apprehensive about going on my own, but it was all worth it in the end, it was the best day of my life.”

If anyone wishes to donate they can do so via

Visit for Gemma’s vlog.