Gerry joins his daughter for final Chamber meeting

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Coleraine Borough Council stalwart Gerry McLaughlin joined his daughter, SDLP councillor Stephanie Quigley, in the Chamber last Tuesday night for the final meeting.

The former councillor was asked to join the Mayor and the Chief Executive at the top table in the Chamber, but the well-known Coleraine man elected to sit with the members as the final meeting concluded.

Having asked only one member for each to party to speak, the Mayor, cllr George Duddy picked two other members - Alderman Phyllis Fielding and councillor Stephanie Quigley to speak at the final meeting.

Councillor Quigley took the opportunity to thank her father, who sat a few seats away from her in her short speech to members.

Describing her father has a ‘great role model’, she said she wished to ‘publicly honour’ him and thank him for the hard work he had put in down through the years.

The SDLP woman told those present that those in Coleraine Council were like a ‘family’ to her.”