'Get a map and locate Coleraine' - says DUP councillor

DUP councilor Maurice Bradley has described Northern Ireland Water as dysfunctional.

The councillor's comments come after thousands of homes in the Coleraine area are still without a water supply.

"Everyone knows that there are major problems after a thaw, but the people in the Borough of Coleraine were left with absolutely no information at all, in fact, NIW's website seems unaware that there is a problem in Coleraine at all.

"People don't know what is going on. Is there going to be water for a short while, is it coming on at a certain time, is it going off at a certain time, how long is the problem expected to last, nothing, no information at all.

"I managed to get through to NIW last Friday and they had no information available on the Colerane area to give me, they were to contact me by phone or e-mail, but so far I have heard nothing."

The DUP says he is having the same problem with the Housing Executive.

"It is the same with the NI Housing Executive. People have burst pipes, no water and no heating, and there is still no response.

"I got through to them also this morning, and I was promised that someone would return my call, but so far I have heard nothing.

"As a Councilor, I feel totally inept.

"I cannot help people because I cannot get any response from Northern Ireland Water, nor the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

"However, I would be bold enough to suggest to NIW that they should get a map and locate Coleraine. The public need information," said councillor Bradley.