Get involved with Hedgerows Grow West

COLERAINE Borough Council, in connection with the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund, is excited to present ‘Your Heritage’ Programme.

The native hedges in the borough are teaming with wildlife and the programme aims to get people involved in helping cultivate their local hedges.

Council is advising visitors to go along to their local Hedge Rows Grow West event in their local area. The programme is run in partnership with five other Biodiversity Officers and covers 10 local councils.

Rachel Bain, Biodiversity Officer, Ballymoney, Coleraine, Limavady and Moyle Councils explained, “This exciting project, the Hedgerows Grow West, will identify hedgerows that have lost their wildlife value and teach people how to restore and manage them.”

Rachel Continued “I will be holding a series of events throughout the next couple of years to engage people with our local hedges through; passing on conservation skills to local community groups, land managers and children through a series of practical training sessions and workshops.

“Hedgerows will be restored throughout the project areas. Hedge Packs and leaflets will be distributed to raise awareness of the project and encourage people to get involved in the activities.

“The first two events will be a celebration of our species rich hedgerows and how they fit into working farm life. Come along and join the local farmer, your Countryside and Recreation Officer, and Biodiversity Officer for a guided walk around the farm and its hedges. Everyone is welcome.”

The events are:

* Saturday 30th June, Vow Farm Ballymoney, assemble at Townhead Car Park, Ballymoney at 1.30pm

* Tuesday 3rd July, Culmore House and Farmland, assemble Kilrea Town Hall at 6.45pm

People are encouraged to come along and discover the wonderful world of a working farm and its species rich hedges.