Get #Portstewart trending this Friday at noon!

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At 12noon this Friday, Portstewart Chamber of Commerence wants the world to know about Portstewart.

The idea is to get the town trending on twitter!

Organisers are asking Coleraine Times readers to log on to Twitter and send a message or picture about the seaside town.

This could be about holiday memories, happy times spent on the Prom as a youngster or maybe a more personal memory.

John Bradley from Portstewart Chamber of Commerce told The Times “We want as many people as possible to post their memories and pictures at the same time to get Portstewart trending on the social networking site.

“If you can’t make it on the day at 12noon, don’t worry, we still want you to post using #Portstewart any time.

Share your happy memories and pictures of the town! The message is simple - tweet, tweet and tweet again!”

If you’re only on Facebook you can post your happy stories and pictures on the same date using #Portstewart in your status.

The campaign is being backed by Portstewarts own star Sarah Travers.

She added: “It’s an honour to be able to help promote my local town, and I had great fun doing the photos!”

So it’s simple remember #Portstewart this Friday, at noon!