Ashanti Gold Mine'Mine d'or
Ashanti Gold Mine'Mine d'or

A PORTSTEWART security company has successfully installed a CCTV system in one of the world’s largest gold mines - without even leaving the north coast.

Wired-Up Security Solutions has recently supplied the Ashanti Gold Mine in Ghana with cameras and bridge equipment to link two gold mines three kilometres apart.

Cormac Hopkins, owner of the company, explained that the Ashanti company found Wired-Up Security Solutions via their website.

“We have been successfully trading in the security industry since 2004 and the company consists of a team of experienced engineers and consultants who have been involved in the installation, maintenance and monitoring of CCTV systems and various security products across all sectors,” said Cormac who was assisted by Projects Manager Dawson Cotton.

“What we provided to the Ashanti Gold mine was wireless bridge equipment and a zoom camera.

“They wanted to link two sites over three kilometres and we provided them with equipment which allows them to link the cameras on one site to be seen and controlled on another site.

“The equipment was all configured here in Portstewart by Daryl Archer, our installations manager, and was supplied to the company so they could just ‘plug and play’.

“The beauty of the equipment is that is was all pre-configured so that would install it straight away. All they had to do was plug the system in, point the links at each other and the links will ‘talk’ to each other.

“If we need to, we can dial in via broadband from Portstewart and carry out a diagnostic but we haven’t needed to as the company are very pleased with how it is running.”

Wired-Up Security Solutions also advised the company on which type of camera system to use for their security requirements in the gold mine.

“It was a bit of a challenge because we had to look at the climactic conditions so we used a particular kind of ‘ruggedised’ camera which would normally be used in areas such as a busy town centre where the cameras may be subjected to attacks,” said Cormac.

Wired-Up Security Solutions lists Dublin City Council as its largest client - supplying CCTV systems to 20 of the corporation’s housing schemes.

The firm has also installed security equipment in the Holylands district of Belfast following St Patrick’s Day anti-social behaviour in recent years and they provide security support to RTÉ television.

Cormac added: “We always specify the most appropriate equipment for our clients. We are not limited to the installation of any one brand however, I can confirm that we are one of only 10 installers in the UK preferred by Samsung, one of the leading security equipment suppliers globally.

“We have helped them to integrate their equipment with other brands such as the installation in the Holylands in Belfast where we installed Samsung Cameras and integrated them into our wireless network for Belfast City Council.”