Gimme five!

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LOCAL support group of the British Lung Foundation, Breathe Easy Causeway, cleaned up in the British Lung Foundation’s Breath of Fresh Air awards.

The group won in five categories - Outstanding Contribution to BLF Projects, Outstanding Service to Breathe Easy and the Local Community, Outstanding Healthcare in the Community (Northern Trust area), Outstanding Group Newsletter and Outstanding Group Achievement and Influencing.

Breathe Easy Causeway was formed over ten years ago to support those with respiratory conditions.

The group continues to flourish and is also active in fundraising and campaigning.

Some members have reached their own ten year anniversary of group membership and have sadly decided its come time to retire, including Yvonne Paul, Mary Wall and Ann Shaw. Other long standing members include Edna Doherty and Bryce Mitchel who have enjoyed being part of Breathe Easy Causeway for the last eight years.

British Lung Foundation Development Officer, Nessie Blair said: “I’m so proud of Breathe Easy Causeway. These awards are testament to the group’s unfailing enthusiasm for improving respiratory health in Northern Ireland.

“Breathe Easy Causeway is a really welcoming community of friends and the support which comes from that is second to none. On top of that, it regularly fundraises and campaigns tirelessly to raise awareness of respiratory conditions.

“We’ll really miss the members that are retiring, but thank them for their years of friendship and dedication.”

Head of the British Lung Foundation, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Dr James Cant, added: “Congratulations to Breathe Easy Causeway. Winning just one Breathe of Fresh Air award is a real achievement, so winning in five categories is really impressive.

Chair of Breathe Easy Causeway, Marie Hegarty, said: “As a member I know that the group means so much to all of us. The support it provides is really important and it’s great to know that we’re making a difference to respiratory health for people in Northern Ireland.”