Give blood, urges Caring Caretaker

GIVE Blood, Save Lives – that is the call being made this week by Coleraine’s Caring caretaker, David Boyle.

David is supporting the efforts of the Rotary Club of Coleraine as they drum up support for blood donation sessions in Coleraine and Portrush.

The sessions are on Monday and Tuesday 3 and 4 September at Coleraine Baptist Church Hall from 1.30pm - 4pm and 5.15pm - 8pm. There are also sessions at Portrush Town Hall on Tuesday 4 September from 2pm - 4pm and 5.15pm - 8pm.

David can’t donate himself for medical reasons but he knows just how important every donation is and, as we all know, David knows a thing or two about donations.

“I would urge everybody who can give blood, to donate blood whenever they can and there is no time like the present,” David said.

“The NI Blood Transfusion Service always needs new people to make donations but they also need people who have donated to come back and do it again. “Nearly everyone knows someone who is alive today because of blood donations. Every time you donate blood someone in Northern Ireland will benefit from it within three days – and more often than not it will help save their lives.

“I have given blood but the screening process showed I had a medical problem that prevents me donating again. Not the usual result from blood donation but it was a positive one for me. I want to see lots of people going along to the sessions next week.”

Rotary Club president Milne Rowntree, a regular donor himself, supports the campaign and said: “I am asking everyone to look at their own circumstances and think of the benefit they can bring by giving blood. Join us and remember the slogan – Give Blood, Save Lives.”

For more information on Blood Donation, visit or ring 0500534 666.