Going places with Jimeoin

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TOURISM Ireland has just launched a quirky campaign with the help of wise-cracking Portstewart comedian Jimeoin.

The campaign focuses on the highlights of Northern Ireland, which are brought to life using Jimeoin’s hilarious yarn-spinning

The central element of the campaign is a Monty Python style video, which offers a variety of paths for the user to choose from in order to learn more about Northern Ireland and what to see and do there.

This is all animated by funnyman Jimeoin, whose voice and caricature bring the videos to life.

Orla Saul, Manager of Tourism Ireland Australia & New Zealand says: “The people on the island of Ireland make Ireland what it is.

“Their humour, their friendliness and their interest in other people are the qualities that visitors find most endearing. Unlike scenery, capturing a sense of the personality of the many characters on the island of Ireland is difficult as it is so intangible.

“However, it is this quality that makes the Ireland experience so unique and this is why we decided to work with Jimeoin to try to get this message across in a fun, humorous and engaging way.”

“Northern Ireland is an amazing place to visit and I’m delighted to have worked with Tourism Ireland on this promotional campaign,” quipped Jimeoin.

“If my striking good looks, lovely Irish lilt, cracking sense of humour and general charm don’t persuade more Australians and New Zealanders to go to Northern Ireland, then I don’t know what will.”

Meanwhile Jimeoin will be back on these shores next month for a much awaited show at the Riverside Theatre.

Observational humour at its very best, see Jimeoin live on stage on Thursday, October 13.

For tickets ring the Box Office: 028 7012 3123 or visit riversidetheatre.org.uk