Good news for Kilcranny

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Kilcranny House is set to merge with the Community Rescue Service to become one charity.

For the past two years, Kilcranny House, based on the outskirts of Coleraine, have been in financial crisis after they lost key funding.

Opened back in 1985, Kilcranny House is designed as a space that brings people of all religions and backgrounds together.

Down through the years it has played a vital role in the success of the peace process by providing peace- building and conflict resolution activities, promoting good relations and supporting diverse communities.

In more recent years, members of the public have been making use of the allotment spaces on the land. The allotments have provided local people with an opportunity to grow their own food and socialise in an informal setting, enjoying a common pursuit whilst contributing to the centre’s environmental strategy.

After the loss in funding, the centre has been in ‘crisis mode’ with many users fearing that the House may be sold. However, in a statement to The Times this week, the charity’s Management Committee have confirmed the discussions are taking place with the Coleraine based rescue charity, Community Rescue Service about a possible merger.

Alotment holders and members of the community can now be assured that Kilcranny House will not be closing.

The statement said: “Currently we are in negotiations with The Community Rescue Service who wish to see our organisations to merge. It is hoped this will safeguard the work at Kilcranny House for the future.

“An interim steering group has been formed from our board/trusts in order to oversee this process and in the meantime the Community Rescue Service have agreed on a Licensed Agreement for 12 months during which we will share our property and facilities.

“For the past ten months we have been in consultation with organisations, a number of funders and local political representatives. They are aware of our plans and we have been receiving advice and guidance on how to complete the plan merger. We fully appreciate the support and advice given by these representatives and organisations.”

The statement concluded: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank all that have a genuine interest in our future, and appeal for volunteers to contact us.