Grammar School pupils chat with First Minister Foster

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Last Monday two Coleraine students received an unexpected surprise when they met newly appointed First Minister Arlene Foster.

The two Coleraine Grammar pupils, Adam Steen and Emma McCaughern, were visiting Stormont as part of their work experience with East Londonderry MLA Adrian McQuillan.

As well as meeting the First Minister, the two students received a tour of the Assembly buildings.

They also talked to politicians from across Northern Ireland, and were able to observe Arlene Foster’s first question time as First Minister in the Assembly chamber.

DUP Leader and Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster MLA said: “I was delighted to meet Adam and Emma.

“It was a very busy day, but I always like to take time to meet young people who come to Stormont on work experience.

“I remember when I was their age people took time to give me advice. I appreciated it.

“Adam and Emma could be the leaders of tomorrow. I have a young family and I’m trying to shape Northern Ireland so our children don’t have to leave here to find a good job here. I want our young people to be proud to say ‘I come from Northern Ireland’. The decisions we make today are about making a better future for the likes of Adam and Emma.”

Emma and Adam are among the first pupils from the newly established Coleraine Grammar School to undertake work experience, and will be the first in a long line of students to gain essential experience in the workplace before going on to make their future career choices.

Garvagh MLA Adrian McQuillan said “It has been a pleasure to have these pupils for work experience. They are a credit to not only Coleraine Grammar, but also to Gorran PS. I hope that this will encourage more of our young people to gain an interest in local politics.”