Group takes ‘Small Steps’

Causeway Coast Peace Group held a special one day event recently at Corrymeela, facilitated by Karin Eyben, when over 30 members explored the topic “What Small Steps are we taking to live well together and build peace where we live?”.

Karin was ably assisted by two Corrymeela volunteers - Dustin from USA and Annalena from Germany - each bringing their own skills and interacting with the Group.

As members walked the short distance from The Main House towards the Croi they walked over a large map depicting the Causeway Coast and Glens Council area where all the participants reside. After a welcome and devotions by Leader Eleanor Duff, Karin opened the discussion by inviting members to look at a Time Line of events undertaken by the Peace Group since its inception in 2002 by Carol Anderson and the late Ian Binnie until today.

Mary Taylor highlighted some of the events the Group had been part of and members realised the powerful force they had been over the fourteen years of its existence, during difficult, exciting and innovative ways.

Karin emphasised the value of what the Group had already done and they should move to the future together, in hope, which is different from optimism. In an interesting closing session members were asked to stand outside on the map of the Council area where they lived and discuss their hopes and dreams for five years on in their community.

The project has received financial support from Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s Good Relations programme.