Happy Birthday Coleraine!

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DID you know that this year marks the four hundredth anniversary of the granting of the Coleraine Town Charter by King James the First in 1613.

The Charter gave Coleraine the right to hold markets, send an elected representative to Westminster, and provided the historic town centre layout that we now use.

The Charter explains the formal presence of markets in the town for 400 years and the structure of local civic governance that we now know as Coleraine Borough Council.

At last Tuesday night’s Leisure and Environment meeting members were given a sneak preview into events that will mark this special milestone.

Local school children will be involved in a project commencing this week which will see a series of tours and workshops organised by Coleraine Museum.

To mark the anniversary a Coleraine 400 heritage trail will be introduced which will build on the ‘Round the Ramparts’ signage that already exists in the Town Centre.

The trail, consiting of visual material will support exploration and understanding of the role the town played during the seventeenth century Plantation of Ulster.