Hardy volunteers are all set for Davy’s sit out

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All the slots for the Caring Caretaker’s sit have now been filled

And our Davy says he has been ‘totally overwhelmed’ by the support he’s recieved.

Asda’s Sheila Palmer will kick start the sit out next Monday, December 2.

Of course, the Caring Caretaker, Davy Boyle has been side-lined due to ill health, but he’ll be along each day to make sure everything is ticking over alright.

Around twenty volunteers will take over Davy’s usual position in front of the Christmas tree for the duration of the sit out, which will end as usual on Christmas Eve.

And Davy had plenty of advice for his little helpers: “Wrap up warm,” he laughed.

“You can never rely on the weather, so my advice is wear plenty of layers.”

Davy went on: “I am so overwhelmed by the support of people. This will be really hard for me not doing the sit out this year, but I will paying a wee visit every day to make sure everyone is okay.”

Hardy volunteers include Claire Johnston, Hazel Stirling, Peter Wilson, Susan Morgan, Uel McKean, Keith Dixon, Ali McCallum, Warnnock Peters, members of the Chest, Heart and Stoke committee, Andy Farrer, Angus Iliff, Sharon Finlay, DH Christie Memorial PS, Patricia Marshall, Geoffrey Edgar, Anna Wilson, Nigel Macauley, Victoria McAfee, Christopher McNeill Coleraine Times staff members, Dennis McNeill and Sean Craig.