Have you lost a bike? The police may have found it!

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Coleraine neighbourhood team recovered twelve bicycles, believed to have been stolen, following a planned search.

The search was carried out last week following an increased number of bicycles reported as stolen, believed to have been taken from local gardens and sheds.

Some of the bicycles have been dismantled, making the police’s task of reuniting the bicycles with their owners more difficult.

Local police would like to hear from anyone who has had a bicycle stolen in the last few weeks.

Please call 0845 600 8000 to speak to a member of the Coleraine coast neighbourhood policing team.

The police are also reminding bicycle owners of the importance of taking a few simple few crime prevention measures to stop bicycle thefts taking place.

A police spokerson advised the public to be vigilant and take ever step to thwart bike thieves: “ Owners should realise that it only takes a few seconds to steal a bicycle so it is important that cyclists make full use of bicycle locks, and secure their bikes properly to a permanent fixture every time they leave it unattended.”