Healing Sound presents double gig!

live music background''"Entertainment''Nights Out ''Concert''Music
live music background''"Entertainment''Nights Out ''Concert''Music

The Healing Sound will be hosting the first of their open mic nights at a special double gig next Friday night.

On Friday, January 23, ‘Moka Cafe’ at the UUC will be hosting an open mic night from 7pm to 9pm.

The same night, three great artists - ‘Travis is a Tourist’, ‘Toni Whitten’ and ‘Eaten by Clouds’ will peform at the Atlantic Bar in Portrush from 10.30pm.

Admission is £3 per venue or £5 for both.

The event at Moka will include free tea and coffee, and children are welcome to attend.

This is the first in what is hoped will be regular event.

Through the events, Healing Sound will be raising money for RDA Coleraine and Childhood Cancer.

Healing Sound aims to raise money for local charities whilst giving local talent the chance to perform.

If you are a local artist, why not contact them via their facebook page.