Hospital needs praise not criticism

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A Portstewart woman who suffers from schizophrenia has praised the Causeway Hospital for its performance in bed waits, particularly for patients with mental health issues.

According to a recent government survey, the number of trolley waits is three times shorter at the Coleraine hospital compared to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

Published poet, Carol Kelly, who has been treated for many years for her mental illness at the Ross Thompson Unit, said: “Should we therefore not give praise where praise is due, instead of maligning our local health service and be more giving in supporting the mental health charities that work alongside health service providers?

“Mental health charities are in crises with low giving when compared to other health charities. Those who are given money or help by the government survive while mental health charities seldom get the resources necessary to provide support for mental health patients.

“Bearing this in mind should we not remember to give to mental health when donating to others and help bring an end to the downward spiral of mental health that concludes with suicide being some patients’ end game?”