Sugden urges Minister to give nurses ‘fair pay’

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East Londonderry MLA Claire Sugden is backing our nurses, as they fight for fair pay.

The MLA said: “Following the announcement that health workers are to receive a meagre one-off payment, an emergency meeting by nursing unions is justified.

“Their request for a 1 percent salary increase has repeatedly been ignored; this is not an unreasonable request.

“For some time I have supported the lobbying efforts of Nurses, however the Minister is ignoring my questions which have gone unanswered since November.

“My constituency has a large acute hospital in the Causeway, and the area spans the Northern and Western Trusts. I know from personal experiences just how hard Nurses work. They deserve to be recognised for this.

“The Government is taking advantage of the fact that many Nurses would not entertain the idea of going on strike. Society would not be able to function without the 24-7 care they provide.

“I urge the Minister to do the right thing and give them the fair pay they are entitled to.”