Heart attack awareness campaign for town

THE Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT) will be conducting a “Heart Attack Awareness campaign”in the Killowen and Heights area of Coleraine - this month.

Statistics for the Churchlands Ward area show circulatory disease is the main cause of death and research indicates there is a lack of knowledge of the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, with people not calling 999 early enough.

The campaign aims to increase the understanding and awareness of the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, what can cause it and the importance of ringing 999 immediately.

Heart attack information will be displayed in a wide range of venues including churches, shops, community centres and bars and restaurants. Iain McAfee, Neighbourhood Renewal Health Co-ordinator, NHSCT will also be attending various community events to highlight chest pain awareness. Signs and symptoms can range from persistent pain or discomfort in your chest. The pain may spread to your left or right arm or your neck or jaw. You may feel sick or short of breath, sweaty or clammy, light headed and dizzy.

MrMcAfee said: “The important message to take from the campaign is that if you or anyone else experiences any of these signs or symptoms, don’t ignore them. Call 999 for an ambulance immediately, it could save your life or another person’s life. The sooner you call 999 for an ambulance, the quicker you’ll get emergency treatment that could save your life and prevent damage to your heart.”