Heart patient Eamond urges people to put their best foot forward

A local heart patient is calling on the local community to put their best foot forward and sign up to the Heart Route event in Coleraine next year to raise vital funds for British Heart Foundation (BHF) Northern Ireland.

Eamond Teacy (55) suffered his first heart attack aged 30. He lived a fit and healthy lifestyle, and with no underlying heart conditions, this came as a real bolt out of the blue. He suffered a further two heart attacks over the following years and in February this year he was diagnosed with severe heart failure.

Heart failure is a condition that causes the heart to pump less effectively. It has resulted in Eamond tiring very easily, and he struggles to complete tasks that most people take for granted. His illness has meant that he has had to take a break from his work as a fishery manager and fly fishing instructor.

Eamond has joined forces with your heart charity to encourage locals, regardless of age and fitness ability, to put on a pair of comfortable shoes and take part in the BHF scenic park walk between Coleraine’s two bridges from Christie Park to Somerset Park on Sunday, March 24 next year.

He said: “Walking is a great way to help keep your heart healthy and this heart-shaped walk provides a good opportunity to get friends, colleagues and family members together for a hearty walk that will not only help keep your own heart fit, but help BHF Northern Ireland keep other hearts beating too.”

As a BHF Northern Ireland Heart Town, Coleraine is one of nine towns in the UK chosen by your heart charity to host a Heart Route walk to raise money for its Mending Broken Hearts Appeal – an ambitious project which aims to raise funds for innovative science into heart failure that could lead to a breakthrough in heart health in the next generation.

Gary Wilson, Fundraising Volunteer Manager for BHF Northern Ireland, said: “If the people of Coleraine get together, sign up to this Heart Route and raise money through sponsorship they’ll help us to give hope to people living with heart failure.”

The BHF is hosting a series of Heart Routes throughout the UK in a bid to help raise over £180,000 for Mending Broken Hearts.

To register or to find out more about the event visit bhf.org.uk/heartroutes.