Helping Hospice make a difference

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THANKS to the generosity and support of the local people cancer patients have been able to receive vital Hospice care in the area.

It follows the news that Coleraine Hospice Support Group has raised £30,950 for Northern Ireland Hospice.

A totally of 215 patients were cared for in their own homes in the northern coast area. Coleraine Hospice Support Group would like to “extend a huge thank you to the people of Coleraine whose generosity has enabled us to provide these local hospice services for families in our community”.

For families, looking after a loved one at home can be an extremely anxious, isolating and difficult time. The Hospice nurses support families by providing hands on nursing care, advising loved ones on what to expect and listening to their concerns. They also give exhausted carers the opportunity to take a well deserved break or get a proper night’s rest.

Extending her sincere thanks and appreciation to the people of Coleraine and North Coast area for their ongoing support and generosity, Mrs Ailna Smyth explained that with increasing numbers of referrals and in preparation for the future, Northern Ireland Hospice needs this public support and generosity to continue now more than ever.

“This is our hour of need” she said. “As we live longer with more complex care needs, more of us will require hospice care and Northern Ireland Hospice is preparing for that future, rebuilding the Hospice over the next two years and creating a centre of excellence for hospice care, education and training for the people of Northern Ireland.

“Thank you to everyone that placed coins in a collection box, volunteered at one of our events, attended an event or kindly displayed a collection box in your business premises - you have helped us to provide these hospice services for people locally. Despite the current economic climate, hospice services must continue for those that need it and we hope we can count on your support over the next number of years.”

John Phillips, Community Fundraiser for Northern Ireland Hospice, said: “Hospice would like to extend a huge thank you to the Coleraine Hospice Support group & local people of Coleraine and North Coast area involved in the fundraising, for their hard work and the great amount raised.

“It is fantastic to see the support that the local community provides for the Hospice as we rely on this voluntary funding for the work we do. We are currently rebuilding our hospice at Somerton Road and need to raise an additional £3 million toward the rebuild. We are asking the public to get involved by buying a brick to help build our new Hospice.”

* If you are interested in buying a brick for the new Hospice, please John Phillips on 077 1137 7287 or email