Hola! U3A’s Spanish trip

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Members of the Causeway U3A group have just returned from a trip to Spain.

During the trip the group stayed in Seville and travelled throughout the region viewing attrations.

In Cordoba the group visted its famous Moorish mosque, the exquisitely decorated Mezquita, before moving on into countryside adorned by groves and groves of olive trees as far as the eye could see.

Then the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada hove into sight and Granada, a great and ancient city nestling in the foothills of the range, welcomed us and we relaxed, some at the rooftop poolside, others in the lobby with a large draught of Tinto verano liberally laced with ice. There was much to admire next day, fine buildings built by Moor and Christian alike, but the highlight of it all – as of the holiday in general – was a guided visit to the far-famed Alhambra, a gem among tastefully and exquisitely decorated palaces.